Assignment 6: Summary Memo

A summary memo is a 2-5 page document that you could present to a potential investor. It should summarize the business opportunity, the strategy, the market, the business model, startup costs, startup funding plan, and initial sales numbers.

If you have been updating your own Business Plan Pro .bpdx file with each previous assignment, all of the information you need to create a Summary Memo is now completed. To select specific areas of your outline to include in the Summary Memo:

  • Choose the Export option from the File menu in Business Plan Pro.
  • From the Export dialog, chose to export to Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.
  • From the outline display in the dialog, choose “Export only selected items” button, then click the boxes for each item to be included.

For more on the Summary Memo, read pages 228-233 of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan book. Or you can click here for the online version of the book.