Session 12: Plans and Pitches

In this session you will learn about:

  • A business ‘pitch’ and a business ‘plan’
  • Plan vs. actual
  • Where to go from here


You have your business idea. You know who your target market is. You have planned your sales, costs of sales and expenses. You now have the key elements in place to describe your business. Whether it’s a pitch or a full business plan, use the format that best meets your needs.

Please click on the link of the book set for your course and locate the Required Readings for this Session:

The Business Startup Kit, The Art of the Start, The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan 

3 Weeks to Startup, The Art of the Start, The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan


These resources provide ideas from other business and marketing experts. They are not required reading for this session.


Seth Godin: Nine steps to PowerPoint magic

Seth Godin: Really Bad PowerPoint


The Back to Fundamentals Series

This is from November 2008. The total is 50 minutes. It divides into four parts.

Nancy Duarte On Slide Presentations
The book is called Slide:ology. This five-minute video is a great summary. Click here for the source.