Assignments (using

You will have six assignments in this course. Together, they are the main components of a seventh assignment, the business plan that you will complete by the end of the course.

  1. One-Page Description of the Business Opportunity. Just click the link here for more instructions. Note that the title includes “one page.” The details include some downloadable examples so you can see how others have done it.
  2. Market Analysis. This assignment involves some thinking and maybe some research. This is a text-only assignment. Who is your target market and how you will get your product message to your market?
  3. Startup Costs. This assignment includes table and text. You will enter your startup costs, broken into expenses and assets, into the Expense Budget table, and explain those costs in text.
  4. Personnel Plan. This assignment includes table and text. You will be doing a list of salaries for you and your employees, and determining if there are additional payroll expenses to track.
  5. Expense Budget. This assignment includes table and text. You will enter your monthly ongoing expenses for your business.
  6. Sales Forecast. This assignment includes text explanation plus tables showing sales, by units if possible, and costs of sales, also called direct costs of sales, or costs of goods sold (COGS), for the first year broken down by month, plus years two and three.
  7. Projected Profit & Loss. Also called Income Statement, or Pro-forma Income Statement. What this means in actual work is first doing the personnel plan for you and your employees, and then listing all your expenses in the Expense Budget. When those two are done, you combine them with the sales forecast assignment, add some text explanations about each element, and you have Profit & Loss.
  8. Summary Memo. This will become the executive summary of your final plan. It’s 2-5 pages, telling a hypothetical investor what you’re going to do, how much money you need, and how much money you’ll generate for the investor.

You will be using LivePlan, the online business management service to work on your assignments. Your instructor will determine when these assignments are due. Grading, if relevant at all, is also up to your instructor.

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