Student Overview

Video Overview

This video shows the resources available to students (such as classroom handouts, in-class exercises and reading assignments). If you are interested in becoming an instructor, you will need to apply for instructor access first.

Software and Books

This curriculum requires Business Plan Pro business-planning software and three startup books, The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, 3 Weeks to Startup, and The Art of the Start. Check with your instructor to see if the software and books are included as part of your course registration, or if you will be required to purchase them separately. You will need the software and books before the first class session.

Course Sessions

Your course materials are divided into 12 sessions, with objectives, required reading and online resources listed by session. Links to the course sessions are provided in the navigation sidebar.

Objectives: Review the objectives to see what will be covered in the session.

Reading: You are expected to complete reading assignments before coming to class; required reading helps prepare you for in-class discussions.

Online Resources: Links to online resources provide additional research and background information which support the content covered during a session. If a video or other online resource is required, it will be included in the required reading section. Otherwise, the online resources are provided as optional supporting content.

Student Handouts: Your instructor will be working with PowerPoint presentations during class. Student handouts of each slide presentation have been saved as .pdf files. You can download the handouts to look ahead to the next class or catch up on sessions you missed.

Student Resources

Assignments: The assignments link in the sidebar gives you the detailed page view of all assignments. Your assignments will be completed using a custom business plan outline, created in Business Plan Pro, which correlates with the plan-as-you-go approach to writing a business plan. Click here for instructions on how to download and save this custom outline file for your assignments.

Online Resources: This sidebar link gives you a detailed page view of all online resources by session.

Readings: This sidebar link gives you a detailed page view of all required reading by session.

Here are a few more links to help you get going:

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