Readings (original)

Each session contains a list of required readings from one or more of the three startup books included: The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, 3Weeks to Startup, and The Art of the Start. Click on the links below to see the reading list for that session.

Required Reading by Session

Session 1: Course Introduction
Session 2: Concept Kick Start
Session 3: Business Basics
Session 4: Market Analysis
Session 5: Marketing Strategy
Session 6: Basic Financials, Part 1
Session 7: Basic Financials, Part 2
Session 8: Getting Financed
Session 9: Building a Team
Session 10: The Web
Session 11: Cash and Taxes
Session 12: Plans and Pitches


In addition to the required readings, online resources are provided for each session. If an online resource is required for a session, it will be referenced in the required reading section. Otherwise, online resources are provided to give additional feedback and background information about the key points of discussion for the session, and are considered “viewing optional.”

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