Great Marketing Lists and Resources

What a resource: check out this list of 250 top blog posts on advertising, marketing, media, and PR. I got the tip from Seth Godin’s blog post of last week, which started with that list, and then highlighted his top 20 favorites from his blog.

Add Duct Tape Marketing to that list, and you have the ultimate course in 21st century marketing.

I had lunch yesterday with one of my favorite people in the textbook publishing industry. Seeing this list today, again, and thinking about that lunch and the world of textbooks reminds me, it has to be hard to sell a marketing textbook these days, when the really good stuff is coming up every day in the blogs.

And it has to be hard, from the professors’ point of view, to select and recommend marketing texts costing the students $100 or more, when the real world is happening so much faster on the web.