In this session you will learn:

  • What you want your website to do for you (contact only, sell online, etc.)
  • How to bring visitors to your website
  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what it means to your website
  • What “analytics software” is and what it can do for your website
  • Marketing programs to get people to your website, and how to keep them coming back


Whether you do business in your own town or around the world, the Internet has become an important tool to market your business. A website can be as simple as contact information about your business, its location, phone number and email address. Shoppers who used to use the phone book to locate businesses in their town now search online. You want them to find you.


Search Engine: A program that searches for keywords and returns a list of the pages where the keywords were found.

Types of Search Engines: There are a number of search engines. They all use Web crawlers (also called bots) to index pages and the words on the pages. Indexing helps people use keywords to find information online.

Search Engine Optimization: A process to increase the number of visitors to a website coming from search results.  The higher up in the results list, the more people will visit that website. Unpaid search results are also called “organic” results.

Pay-Per-Click: Advertisers pay the host website only when their ad is clicked.