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  1. Review issues from previous class.
    • Additional resources for the market analysis assignment
    • Grading discussion: your own plan vs. group plans.
    • Readings: are you keeping up with the readings. What did you think about marketing vs. branding, in the readings?
  2. Discussion: John Jantsch defines marketing as getting people to know, like, and trust you.
  3. Discussion: What’s branding? Personal branding? Why does it matter? How is it different from marketing?
  4. Discussion: differentiate marketing vs. sales.
  5. Discussion: using the class example from last time (the art theater). What kind of marketing would be appropriate? Advertisements, where? Flyers? Direct mail? Email?
  6. Slides: Marketing Your Business
  7. Discussion: how does segmentation fit into this
  8. Discussion: how is marketing changing. New media: blog, twitter?
  9. Discussion: marketing expense levels. What’s appropriate? How to tell.
  10. Discussion: marketing strategy pyramid