Optional Resources: Session 8 – Getting Financed

These resources provide ideas from other business and marketing experts. They are not required reading for this session.


 Five Alternate Sources of Financing, from the Wall Street Journal.


What Do Investors Want in a Startup?  (Naval Ravikant, speaker)

This  speaker has been on both sides of the funding table. One of his ventures is epinions.com. He also has a blog called Venture Hacks.

Most of what he says here is pretty standard. And if you’re interested, his fellow blogger transcribed this interview on venture hacks.


10 Top Things for Pitching VCs (David Rose, speaker)

This speaker is an entrepreneur and an investor. Here he talks about what investors want to know, and what they want to see in a pitch.  If you don’t see the video here, you can click this link to go to the source video on the TED site.